We always try to give our children the best. Fun and entertainment included. Entertainment that brings new discoveries, perhaps even something they can learn from.

And because the best way to discover and learn is by play, we bring you Lesokraj.

Come play with us.

Read and Play

just click You don’t need any special skills, previous gaming experience or special equipment. Just point, click and drag the words or pictures with your mouse or with your finger.

just click

the real fun starts with reading Preparing for a long journey during your summer holidays? Your child will be happily entertained reading the adventure-filled story LESOKRAJ, playing with its characters as they move around your tablet screen.

real fun

enjoy lesokraj together Spend a lovely evening getting to know all the characters of the story, having fun with each of its chapters.

enjoy together
Berta and Lesokraj
“Our daughter Berta(3) discovers this whole world of Lesokraj, where animals talk and think for themselves. The most popular character is the Grandmother in her carnival costume.”

Lou Sanitráková

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